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    Default 2000 MXZ 440 Fuel Pump

    I need to remove the fuel pump on my 2000 MXZ 440 to put
    a new kit in it. It's under the engine bolted to the
    frame. I can only see one bolt, but cannot contort my
    arm or hand to get at them with a wrench.
    Do I need to remove, or partially remove the engine?
    If so I'd be grateful for information, or the paragraph
    from a repair manual laying out the procedure.
    I've looked it over and see the following that would
    need to be disconnected to remove the enigne......

    Motor mount nuts
    Fuel Lines
    Carbs, or cables and fuel lines going to them

    I had the sled all serviced for the winter and ready
    to go, and full of gas. A few days later I went to
    start it and it's severely flooded.
    Help appreciated!

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    I don't think you need to remove the engine to replace the fuel pump. It's tight but I think doable. You cannot get a rebuild kit for those pumps anywhere is what sucks. They use a similar pump on the Seadoo jetboats (I have one) and have looked everywhere. Many guys will pick up a dual outlet Mikuni high flow pump.

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