I have recently bought a 1996 ski do formula 3 600 with 950 miles on it.I bought it because a friend could not get it running because there was no spark.after weeks of research I replaced the trigger stator( pick up stator) and got spark nice blue spark we put it back together a started it.it had been sitting for about a year so I thought that it may be flooded so I let it run to clear out but within 5 mins.it shut done almost like someone shut it off.I started it back up and the same thing.5 mins.it shut down.so I started it again this time I hopped on and rode it down back.my friend wanted to ride it and when I pulled up to him it shut down like some one shut it off.I tried to start it again and it would not start.I pulled the plugs and no spark.what is going on with this thing can anyone help me?

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