Hi, rather new to the forum but I've been scouring the web and cannot seem to find an answer on my specific issue. My Ski Doo has the BRP optional led lighting underneath the normal headlights. Theyve always worked fine until last night, I always run them with the accesory switch set so that they come on with my high beams. Last night I was out for a ride and smelt burning electrical. Upon returning to my shop and tearing apart I found that the wiring to the LEDs had melted all insulation as well as into the plastic of my dash it was resting on. Upon finding out this was a common issue I decided to remove the additional harness which runs the LEDs and wire the harnesses as if the LEDs were never on the sled, its just a simple few plugs and it's all removed. Once I had things all buttoned back up my high beams will only work as long as you hold the headlight switch depressed. Low beams work all the time and high when holding the switch but when you release the switch the lights turn off completely. Can not find a relay and wondering if it may be integrated into the switch? Any have any info on this

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