So right now i have a 02 cat zrt 600. I have had it a year and fell in love with snowmobiling. I do love the sled but i want something that gets better then 9 mpg.
I have been looking at new ski doos and am interested in the Renegade.
I am just having a tough time deciding between the 900 ace and the 600r.
I don't need a rocket cause i don't want to get a ticket since I'm a truck driver and like my clean record. But I'm worried going from 120hp triple to a 90 hp that i may feel it to weak.
I'm looking for others opinions and real life mpg, i ride in north Minnesota on trails and i love the idea of getting 19 mpg with the 900 ace.
The dealership told me the 600r gets between 10 and 15 mpg.
What do you guys think? 900 owners like there machine or do they wish they still made the 1200 ace?
Just looking for general discussion on the topic.
On a side note i got the girlfriend a 1992 polaris 440 with 60 hp and i think she would be able to handle the ace also, she thinks she will get in trouble if she rides mine.

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