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    Default Problem with starting

    I own a used 2005 MXZ RENEGADE 600 HO SDI. I have been having difficulty in the past few weeks with trying to start my sled. When I would try to pull over the machine, it would run for about 5 seconds tops and then shut off. Numerous times i tried this and no success.

    So I brought the machine to the shop to be looked at by a mechanic and all three components (fire, spark and compression) were good. They put the sled on the computer and it showed up that the TPS valve was off 2 to 3 degrees. They adjusted it and all was good for that week. So my cousin and I checked it out and replaced the spark plugs. The sled was running from 1 to 2 cylinders after this was done. After taking it ride, it was good after.

    I posted a message on another snowmobile forum about this problem and one person said that if my spark plugs were black and sooty, it maybe the spark plug caps since they said that is a common problem with the 600 sdi's. I did replace them and all was good for that day. I live in town where it can be very cold... like in the -30's. When i replace the spark plug caps it was mild that day and the sled was running good. The next day which was a lil colder, I started the machine again and all was good. The day after it was cold again, even colder and it started after the third pull. Tried it again later in the afternoon and no go. Looking for some help and advice...

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    Sounds like it's running rich, I don't have much experience with this type of sled but that's what it sounds like.

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