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    So last year my 1980 Ski Doo Citation 4500 ran great till the end of the season when it started to loose a spark in one cylinder intermittently and had to limp back to garage. I replaced the plugs a few times with varied results. I put it away till now as snow is on the ground. At this time I pull plugs and rest on cylinders and pull over to see varied strong spark to very weak to no spark. It does try to sputter upon starting at this time, but that is all. I do not suspect plugs as they are new. I do get wet plugs after a few tries so fuel doesn't seem an issue as well. I wonder about the coils and if there is a way to test via volt meter ie. ohms. If so which wires? I have blue with red stripe and black from top coil and solid blue wire and black from bottom coil. Both coils have a solid blue to ground. These all yield together and head into the lower engine case. There is the plug cable itself from each coil to each plug also of course. What else may cause this symptom? All thoughts welcome. I appreciate the help and feedback.

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    Check and clean the points. You might have to gap them, open them up with a tiny screwdriver, being careful, and spray contact cleaner, then just rub a rag lightly through them. Gapping is usually the thinckness of cardboard on a cigarette pack, if you don't t have a feeler gauge.

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