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    Default Ski-Doo Forums Rules & Guidelines

    These rules may be changed at any time... Please review this page regularly.


    These are General Forums Rules that should be followed in any place on this site. These rules are meant to create an enjoyable, mature and informational board. Sometimes an Admin or Moderator will make a descision based on their judgement to close, delete, etc. a thread or post even if it is within the guidlines. If these rules are not followed, you may be given a warning, infraction or ban, depending.

    We reserve the right to move, modify, delete or merge posts at our discretion and without explanation.

    Only site-supporting vendors are allowed to discuss their products/services here. Any non-supporting members trying to sell their products or services will face a warning, and if repeated immediate ban.

    Signatures, usernames and avatars must be work-safe; they are always visible and many of our users view this board at the office or with family. For those who prefer not to view signatures, there is an option to turn them off in the User CP. Large signatures are inconsiderate and may be removed.

    Signature Guidlines - Signatures that do not conform to these guidelines may be removed without notice.
    Images: Sig image size should be no larger than 600 X 250. Any Signatures larger or contained Not Work Safe material may be deleted without notice.
    Text: With a Signature text should not take over 15 lines of 12 point Times New Roman font. If you don't have a signature you can put up to 30 lines of 12 point Times New Roman font.
    Please use work-safe avatars, no offensive text or adult/sexual content. Non-conforming avatars will be deleted.

    All posts by members are the sole responsibility of that member. This forum, and its administration, do not warrant, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or product represented on this site.


    1. Post new threads in the correct forum category, each category includes a brief description of what belongs there. Threads in the wrong forum will be moved to the right category.

    In addition...
    Do NOT start a thread for a complaint about the forum - Direct these matters to any Admin or Moderator via PM.
    Begin a new thread only if the proposed subject matter has not already been posted. Please first use the "Search" button. Like threads may be merged without notice.
    Do not post the same thread in several forums. Duplicate threads will be merged or deleted.
    Title new threads in a meaningful way so that the subject is obvious. This will help members find the thread again in the future. Keep thread titles 'clean'.
    Do not post using all caps, or all bold font; this is the equivalent to yelling on the web.
    No 'post-whoring': meaningless replies, such as one word posts or smilies, do NOT contribute to the topic of discussion.
    Do not post consecutive replies: Use edit to amend a post or the "multi-quote" feature to respond to more than one post at once.
    If you quote a post in a reply, please remove any photos from that quote - we don't need to see the same pics over and over again.
    Post Items For Sale or Want Ads in the Classifieds Forum ONLY.
    Do not post links to illegal downloads i.e. copyrighted service manuals, etc.
    2. Do NOT post or start threads in a negative manner or invoke an attack on somebody else. If you do not agree with the information in the thread, than focus your argument on that material, not the person that posted it.

    3. Report problem posts - Spam, non-supporting vendor promotions, insults/name-calling, trolling, etc.. Please do not respond so as to create a larger problem. You may send a PM (with a link to the post please) to an Administrator or Moderator... or... click the Report Post button to the right of the username on the post.

    4. Be respectful of others. Expressions of intolerance or hatred will not be tolerated, nor will stalking or harassment. Posts that insult or single out an individual or group based on gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability/handicap, politics or religion are strictly prohibited.

    5. Do not 'hijack' threads: The subject of a thread is decided by the original poster. Interrupting that discussion is rude and makes it difficult to find posts that are pertinent to the thread topic. Hijack posts may be removed.

    6. Posts depicting nudity/partial nudity/obscene material/pornography, or links to same, are absolutely forbidden, including in NWS threads.

    7. The Off-Topic forum does not mean 'anything goes'. ALL other forum rules still apply! Threads or posts not following the rules will be sublject to removal.

    8. Profanity in posts is unnecessary: Language filters are in place for a reason - do not override them

    9. The Classifieds forum is for private party ads. No repeat ads please.
    In addition:
    Do not post private party Classifieds Ads in other forum sections
    Must include asking price (with OBO is acceptable)
    Must include location of item
    Buy/Sell is a forum for conducting business, NOT a discussion/opinion forum. Reply in ads only if you have a lead on a wanted item, or are interested in the item for sale. Let the seller answer all questions.
    Please make a final post in your thread when your item is bought or sold to prevent unnecessary inconvenience for all parties
    Negotiate via PM, not in the thread
    Members do business at your own risk...
    10. Solicitation (spam) is not permitted. These forums are not a source to be "mined" for sales or donations by individuals, groups, businesses, or for non-profit without prior permission.

    11. Misrepresentation will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. Each member is allowed one user account; multiple accounts are not permitted.

    12. Respect the privacy of fellow members.

    13. Linking to files/programs/software which could harm anyone's computer is prohibited.

    14. All IP addresses are logged and viewable by Moderators and Administrators. Don't forget that if you break the rules, you get banned.

    ADVERTISING / VENDOR RULES: .. -For ALL Members & Vendors-

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsoring vendor, please send a private message (PM) to Elite101 for more info. Forums cost money to run and, because our site-supporting vendors contribute to that cause, they have an exclusive right to promote their business to our members. Please respect that.

    1. Members may discuss products offered by a Non-Supporting Vendor as a general info post only. If, in our judgment, it appears as though you are advertising on a N/S vendor's behalf your post/thread may be edited or deleted and you may receive a warning:
    a) A member MAY post "I found a great deal/product/service/price from Acme Snowmobiles" including details -That is sharing general info based on your personal experience.

    b) That member may NOT add to the post "Acme Snowmobiles said forum members get a special deal" -OR- "call Joe at 123-4567 or check out his website and say I sent you" -That is advertising on behalf of the N/S vendor and/or the N/S vendor using you to advertise on his behalf.

    c) If a member makes multiple posts/threads about a same non-supporting vendor it may appear he/she is associated with, or advertising for, that vendor and he/she will be cautioned. The line is thin and we will use our judgment as to when that line is being crossed.
    2. Members may NOT post links to Non-Supporting Vendor ads/threads/posts on other Forums and they may NOT post copies of those ads/posts/threads on this Forum.

    Disclaimer: Sellers on this site are in no way related to, or affiliated with, the forum or its agents. This site does not endorse or guarantee sales transactions between users and is not liable. The content of posts and/or threads is the sole responsibility of the user who posted them and all users are responsible for their own actions.

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    Seadoo selinoid and starter troubleshooting.

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    Is there a way to test if the selinoid is not working. jumped the selonoid with slight wining at the starter? should I remove selonoid and look at contacts? can I put power directly to hot wire on starter still atached to ski? red light comes on for 30 seconds so switches are good. any tips are apreciated. and any discription of this system will be very helpful. thank you.

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